Alissa Tibe

Making Dreams Come True

After almost five decades celebrating people, we still get butterflies on your big day. Partnering with expert planners to create one of a kind settings, crafting menus that reflect your heritage and palate, creating the perfect cocktail...fill us with as much excitement now as they did forty nine years ago!  Intimate, casual, rustic, extravagant-we have been there for every imaginable style of event anyone has dreamed up.  So please.. go ahead and dream.  

Alissa Tibe

Turning a Vision into Reality

I have a passion for listening and understanding clients since I have been raised in the hospitality industry.  Creating a hands on, extensive experience takes your you from start to finish in delivering your unique vision. It's all in the details.  From integrating ever changing environments we are able to multi task while remaining focused on our clients needs, all while we build lasting relationships.

Abby Dobson
Vice President
Abby Dobson
Paige Mulcahy

Effortless Elegance & Detail

A great team member is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have.  Paige's extensive roster of planning and designing weddings and her spectacular knack for planning corporate events is invaluable.  


Paige takes the time to understand each client's needs and gets them excited about their events.  Her tenure in hospitality and events is only outshined by her genuine good nature and keen sense of style.  She brings creativity and personalization to everything she does and everyone she meets.

Paige Mulcahy
Director of Events

312 North Limestone

Lexington, Kentucky 40508

Tel: 859-255-0717


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